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Does the groom pay for the groomsmen outfits?

July 22, 2011 0 Comments Wedding General by Administrator

Weddings require a lot of planning and organizing so that everything goes off without a hitch. The smallest details, from the wedding invites to the colour of flowers you use, have to be looked into in order to ensure that your wedding is everything you always dreamed it to be. The outfits that every member of the wedding party wears should also be selected with care because they add to the beauty and style of the event. The groomsmen’s outfits are as important as the dresses worn by the bridesmaids because the groomsmen will have a very vital role to play in the wedding.

The question that confuses a lot of people is whether the groom has to pay for the outfits worn by the groomsmen. Unfortunately there is no clarity on this subject. Some people believe that the groom has to pay for the suits worn by his groomsmen whereas others are of the opinion that the groomsmen are obligated to buy their own clothes for the wedding. The thought behind this is that the groomsmen will find plenty of other occasions to wear a suit even if they have to pay a hefty sum for it.

Most people address this problem according to the circumstances of the wedding. There are some people who feel that the suits should be a gift to the groomsmen for taking the trouble to extend their support to the groom on the most important day of his life. You will have to take a call on this topic depending on various factors that are particular to your wedding. For instance, you might consider buying or renting the suits if the groomsmen are young and do not need a formal suit apart from the wedding. One or two of them might also be in straightened financial circumstances thanks to the economic downturn and might not be able to buy a new suit.

You should also realize that the wedding can be quite expensive for your groomsmen if they have to pay for drinks, transportation, accommodation and other things.  If you too cannot afford to buy them because your wedding budget has been used up by a lot of things such as wedding invited, catering and the like, you might consider getting all the suits rented for them.

Make sure that you buy or rent all the suits from the same place so that they match each other as well the groom’s suit perfectly. In fact, you should also get suits for all out of town groomsmen from the same place so that there are no last minute surprises. You cannot risk having any problems at your wedding because one groomsman stands out like a sore thumb because of a suit that does not match with the ones that the others were wearing.

You have to proceed according to what you think is fair both to the groomsmen and to you. You too cannot afford to spend too much money on suits especially if you have to pay wedding expenses including wedding invitation cards, catering etc in addition to clothes.

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