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Should “Thank You” Cards Be Personalised And Handwritten?

July 24, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

Are you spending a lot of time and effort in order to ensure that your wedding day goes off exactly as you always dreamt it? Make sure that you spare some thought to the subject of Thank You cards as well. It is important for you to remember that the guidelines concerning the subject of wedding Thank You cards are as strict as those that are concerned with wedding invites. It is expected that the newlyweds take time off their busy schedule in order to thank the people who took the trouble to come to their wedding bearing gifts.

You have to do your best when sending out Thank You cards after your wedding because they reflect on you as much as your carefully worded wedding invites do. Wedding etiquette determines the timeframe within which you have to send the Thank You cards out in addition to what you have to write in them. Just as you cannot take more than 3 months at the very maximum to send these cards out you cannot send out mass created cards.

The best way to thank your guests for their thoughtful wedding gifts is to reciprocate with a personalized wedding card written in your own hand. A printed Thank You card will be nothing more than a formality and will be immediately recognized as such. You risk upsetting a lot of dear friends and close family members by sending them these store bought cards.

Sending personalized Thank you cards is not as difficult as you think and should certainly be done in case you wish to make a lasting positive impression. You can start by ordering lovely cards or notepaper printed in the same colour scheme as your wedding invites. These cards or papers have to be blank save for a monogram or design from your wedding theme. Their envelopes can however be printed with your name and return address so that you don’t have to write them out every time you enclose a Thank You note in them.

You should then take the time out to write a few notes at a time, acknowledging the specific gift you have been given and how you love using it. Make sure that you open the gifts systematically so that you can keep track of who has given what gift. Do not be too hassled if you do not have a gift with words. A heartfelt Thank You note is always more appreciated than a fancy note that does not sound sincere. Make sure that you take your time to write these notes so that your handwriting is reasonably neat.

You can easily get your Thank You notes printed by the same supplier who makes your wedding invites. This will save you money as well as the effort of following up with two different suppliers. Your lovely Thank You notes will mark you out as a gracious person and your wedding guests will feel happy that they spent their time and money to wish you well.

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