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Should I Invite My Boss To My Wedding?

August 04, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

The most exciting day of your life is finally approaching and you have a large number of wedding invites to send out. You will certainly have spent a lot of time thinking about whom to invite and who all you can safely leave out without ruffling too many feathers. This is unfortunately something that you simply have to do because you cannot be expected to invite every person you know. The question that you might need an answer for is whether you are obligated to invite your co-workers and specifically your boss to your wedding. This applies to you as well as to your future spouse. This is an important question and the answer varies from case to case and the only person who can decide this is you.

Making arrangements for your wedding is quite an expensive exercise because there are a great many things that you have to organize. The amount of money you spend on catering food and drinks for your guests is quite a substantial amount and varies according to the menu as well as the number of people you have invited. You definitely need to have a control on the number of people you send your wedding invites to. Apart from the cost of inviting people, your venue might have limitations regarding the number of people it can accommodate and you will just have to prune your wedding invites list to close friends and family.

The most important thing, however, is that the wedding is your day and you should not have to feel compelled to call certain people just because you think they will feel bad. In fact, if you feel that an uninvited boss will penalize your spouse or you then you are certainly working at the wrong place and ought to make a move at the earliest. It cannot be good for your career if you are stuck in an unhealthy work environment.

Many people do send wedding invites to their bosses and co-workers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you doing the same as long as you are doing it for the right reasons. Your boss might be a really good friend or a mentor and you might want to show your appreciation of him or her by issuing an invitation to your wedding. Another reason for doing so could be that you have a strategic aim in mind. You might be on a fast track for promotion at work and a wedding invite to your boss is a good way to bond outside of work.

What you have to understand here is that you should not feel coerced into sending a wedding invitation card to your boss. However, it is perfectly acceptable as long as you have your reasons for doing so. In most cases your boss and other co-workers will not even be expecting wedding invites because they know that this is your day. You will surely get their best wishes whether or not you invite them to your special day.

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