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The Right Time to Get Out For the Honeymoon

January 02, 2012 0 Comments Wedding General by Administrator

Your impending wedding is definitely a day you’re looking forward to, but don’t forget to spare a thought for the honeymoon. A honeymoon is not just a vacation because it is an opportunity for you to have a much needed break after the stress of preparing for the wedding. Most people don’t realize exactly how much work goes into planning the entire event but there are innumerable things that need to be done. Each one is as important as the other, from getting the wedding invitations printed to ordering the bonbonnieres and the flowers. You’ll therefore need to plan the honeymoon well.

You’ll definitely need to decide where to have your honeymoon, but you first need to decide which the right time to get out for the honeymoon is. This is really important in case you are heading out for a lengthy honeymoon, especially out of the country. You need to remember that you’ll have plenty of responsibilities at work that will be put on hold when you first go for a vacation as a married person. There is no fixed rule about when to go because your mutual convenience is all that is important.

Many couples head out for their honeymoon immediately after their reception. If you can manage it in such a manner, you can leave for the airport straight after the reception. On the other hand, you might prefer to delay your departure by a few days so that you can stay back to manage all the chaos that the wedding would have created. There might be bills to pay and gifts to open or put away until have the time to open them at your leisure. You might also prefer to stay back in order to spend time with the family members who have travelled from afar to spend time with you.

Another reason for delaying your departure could be that you can get cheaper flights on a particular day and not on any other one. Certain days of the week are cheaper to take flights on for a variety of reasons. Similarly, you might want to wait a day or two in order to get a particular connection that is cheaper than another one. It’s a good idea to take costs into consideration because you’ll need to budget for outfits, wedding invitations, décor, flowers and bonbonnieres, amongst other things. You can’t spend too much of money only on one thing at the cost of neglecting other things that can make your day very special.

It is not a good idea to delay your honeymoon too much after your reception because then your trip will lose a lot of its magic. It will be a vacation in a lovely destination but certainly not a honeymoon! Make sure that you plan your work and personal life well so that you get this organized well. You’ll come back from your trip with lots of lovely memories and will then be able to start your married life in earnest.

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