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Top Tips to Help You Choose the Right Fabric for Your Wedding Gown

January 06, 2012 0 Comments Wedding Planning Tips! by Administrator

Are you busy selecting the different things that will go into making your wedding day very special? You’ll have to order the right wedding invitations, flowers and bonbonnieres amongst other things in order to ensure that your big day is as wonderful as possible. You’ll have a great deal of fun selecting your gown as well, because this is one outfit that will make you look absolutely wonderful. You’ll have to remember however, that there is more to selecting your gown than choosing a design that flatters your figure.

The fabric that you make your wedding gown out of is really important because the right material will make you look stunning while ensuring that you are comfortable at the same time. There are quite a few fabrics that work beautifully for wedding gowns. Satin, lace and silk are very often used, as are organza, tulle and net. At the same time, a particular design will look completely different if it is made using different fabrics because of the way in which it falls. It is therefore best if you spend quite a bit of time checking out different materials so that you understand which one suits you the best. Don’t buy anything that feels uncomfortable just because it looks good or is available at the right price.

If you want to make a huge impression with your gown you should consider using silk duchesse satin. This material looks absolutely luxurious and it skims the curves of the female form beautifully. It is rather expensive but it is a good buy considering that it does not wrinkle easily. Polyester satin is much cheaper but it does not look as good. You might consider buying the best type of polyester satin available because anything less than that will look cheap. If you need satin to form an underlay to a top panel of lace then you could opt for something cheaper because its defects will be obscured.

If you do not want the glitz of satin, you could opt for silk shantungs and dupionis, both of which are rather expensive. Both these materials drape very well and they are perfect if you want a dress that does not hug your curves too tight. Silk has a lovely natural luster that makes you look absolutely beautiful. If you are going for a romantic look for your wedding gown you should consider using sheer fabrics. Organza and tulle are used to make dresses with full skirts. However, since they are sheer they have a light and airy look. Chiffon is used for dresses with an elegant and feminine drape.

You need to try out different types of dresses in a variety of materials before you select on any one type. Take a trusted friend or family member along so that you can get honest advice on how you look in each outfit. In fact, you can also get inspiration from the different fabrics when you are designing your wedding invitations and bonbonnieres because you can use the material in the form of bows.

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