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Best Music to Adopt to Keep Up the Spirits High For Your Wedding

January 08, 2012 0 Comments Wedding General by Administrator

Do you believe that weddings are occasions to let one’s hair loose and have a rollicking time in the company of friends and family? Are staid and formal weddings very difficult for you to bear? If you are a very lively person then you should also choose the right music for your big day so that everybody who is part of it has a really great time. In fact, you would have put so much of effort into selecting the right wedding invitations, bonbonnieres, menu and other important things for the wedding that you’ll also need to party hard to let go of the stress!

You have to choose music for your big day very carefully so that everything about that day goes according to your intentions. You’ll need two distinct types of music for that day; one type to serve as punctuation for the actual ceremony and the other type to entertain people at the reception that follows the wedding. This obviously means that you will have to put a lot of thought to this subject and should hire a really good MC and DJ.

If you want your wedding day to have a really playful mood you could choose to have popular numbers played in place of conventional classical tunes during the ceremony. For instance, you can have a lovely romantic song playing when you walk down the aisle or when people are getting seated before the ceremony begins. It goes without saying that you can’t play vulgar or irreverent music if you are getting married in a house of worship. Your guests will definitely love listening to these tunes and the overall mood will be joyous.

You will have a lot more scope when selecting the music for the reception that follows the ceremony. This is a great opportunity to have a wonderful party and celebrate with friends and family the fact that you are married. You need to ensure that lots of peppy numbers are played so that people will have no option but to move to the dance floor. Do some research on what the most popular numbers are these days. Make sure that you also include songs that people from the previous generations will love to dance to so that they don’t feel left out. In fact, there are quite a few numbers that will appeal to people across the generations. Take inputs from your family and friends so that you are absolutely sure of what to play.

If you are really serious about having the right music for the event you could ask your invitees what music they would like to dance to. While you can’t really ask this question in your wedding invitations you certainly could email them separately. Another good idea to would be top place song request cards at each place setting along with the bonbonnieres so that your guests can ask for the music they will love. You can be sure that these steps will keep your invitees really happy and excited on your special day.


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