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Theme Wedding – Think of Something That Will Be Cherished Forever

December 04, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

You’ve undoubtedly been to plenty of weddings of family and friends and would have experienced a huge variety of them. However, wouldn’t you want your wedding to be something really special? The best way to ensure that your special day is completely unique is to come up with a beautiful theme. This will certainly make sure that your guests will remember this day long after it is over.

Theme weddings are very interesting to attend but they involve quite a bit of work. You will need to organize things in such a manner that everything from the wedding invitations to the bonbonnieres conforms to it. This will create a sense of anticipation and excitement in your guests and they will really look forward to celebrating your happiness with you. The response you get to your themed wedding invitations will be so enthusiastic that you will be really glad that you decided to go down this route.

Diamond or Platinum – What to Choose for Wedding Rings

November 06, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

Are you confused about which type of wedding ring you should purchase? You’ll have to give this question a great deal of thought because your ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is something that you will hopefully be wearing for the rest of your life! If you want to wear a ring that is unlike the regular gold wedding bands that almost every person wears, you’ll find a lot more options to choose from. In fact, once you choose your ring you can get this issue out of the way and then focus on other tasks that are also very important such as sending out wedding invitations and ordering the right bonbonnieres.

If gold wedding bands are too commonplace for you, why don’t you try platinum instead? This metal is even more costly than gold and it has a very subtle look. In fact, no one will say that this ring is a flashy one. You might also prefer a ring made out of platinum if you prefer to wear watches that are made of steel. A gold wedding ring will simply not match your look if you prefer to wear accessories made of silver, platinum or any light colored metal.

Wedding Eve – How to Make It Special

October 27, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

Have you been working really hard in the months leading up to your wedding? There are so many different preparations that need to be done before a wedding, from finalizing your beautiful dress and getting wedding invitations out to small but important things like selecting bonbonnieres for your guests that it is very easy to get completely overwhelmed. You need to ensure that you are completely relaxed at least the night before your wedding so that you can turn up feeling totally refreshed and looking gorgeous. The best way to do this is by planning something special for your wedding eve. Wedding eve events and ceremonies are prevalent in most cultures because they mark the last night the bride spends under her parent’s roof as an unmarried girl. These days, lots of couples are already living together and the only way that they can make this happen is if an all-girls event is organized so that the bride can move out that night. You should first consider what cultural expectations there are of you when you sit down to plan activities for your wedding eve. You can follow them whole or in part, depending on your preference and convenience. One good idea is to have a wedding eve "slumber party" so that you and your female friends and family members can have a wonderful time together. A bottle of champagne will not be amiss on that night. In fact, you could organize the event at a nice resort or spa. Make sure that things don’t get too boisterous though, because you certainly don’t want to turn up at your wedding with dark circles under your eyes. You can make your wedding eve special by organizing pedicures, facials and manicures for everyone. You could also ensure that everyone is served a variety of delicious health foods and drinks instead of greasy and heavy meals so that you and your friends look and feel beautiful the next day. You can even have this event at home if you want to keep your budget down. Of course, you and your close friends might start the day making arrangements for the wedding because there are many things that have to be done right at the end, such as checking with the caterer and decorator and ensuring that the bonbonnieres and flowers arrive on time. You should also go through your wedding invitations list one last time to check against RSVPs. Once you have finished with the work you can all relax in comfortable surroundings and have a great time reminiscing. Your wedding eve will be really special if you present your close friends with a lovely memento in acknowledgement of the support they have given you over the years. After all, these are ladies who have probably helped address and mail your wedding invitations and have also helped you sift through lots of options for bonbonnieres, flowers and the like. A lovely slumber party on the night before your wedding is a great way to thank them for all their help.

Having 2 languages on an invite caters for non-English reading guests

September 10, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

There are so many arrangements that you have to make when planning a wedding that it is very easy to miss out on something that seems to be small at the outset but which can blow out of proportion. Weddings are important social events that are meant to be all about celebration but they can very easily result in a lot of ruffled feathers if proper care is not taken to ensure that all details are looked into. You have to start by making your wedding invitations with a lot of care because this is often the first contact that other people have with your wedding.

You have to be especially careful while getting wedding invites printed if the wedding involves people from different cultures who quite possibly speak different languages. This is actually getting to be quite common these days since many barriers are being broken down and people do not think twice before marrying a person from a different culture.

Is It Good Etiquette To Include A Gift Registry In A Wedding Invite?

September 04, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

There are many things that ought to be included in a wedding invite. This is a very important means of communication that enables you to let your guests know when and where the wedding is, along with anything else you feel is important. However, there is no consensus regarding whether a gift registry should be included as well.

Gift registries are becoming increasingly popular these days because people simply want to save each other the bother of having to deal with unwelcome gifts. There is a very practical consideration behind having a gift registry. You are certain to have a list of things that you need in order to start your new life as a married person. However, there are many things that you probably already have since you are most likely already running a home of your own. A gift registry helps you guide your guests to the things that you would certainly appreciate getting. Your guests too will be happy to know what to get you because they would not want their hard earned money to be wasted on something that is not useful or which has already been gifted to you by somebody else.

Diamond vs. Pearl Jewellery for the Bride

August 27, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

Are you getting ready to be a bride any day soon? All eyes will be on you on that day and you have to dress with a great deal of care. The wedding dress is usually what ladies select first before they make any other arrangements because of the sheer joy of trying out beautiful dresses. You too must have undoubtedly done the same. Have you remembered to pick out your wedding jewellery as well? This is actually a very important thing to do and should never be left till the last minute because the jewellery you wear should match with your dress perfectly. In fact, it would be best if you could plan your wedding according to a theme so that there is a common motif that unites the different aspects of it, from the flowers to the wedding invites to the jewellery.

The most popular options for wedding jewellery are diamonds and pearls. Both options have their relative strengths and you should understand them well before making your selection. There is no rule regarding what jewellery a bride should wear or avoid during her wedding and she can select anything that pleases her fancy. Ladies today have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to jewellery.

What Time Should A Wedding Finish?

August 26, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

Are you in the midst of planning all the arrangements for your wedding? Be especially careful while planning the schedule of the big day because there are many different factors that you have to consider. Your wedding is definitely the most important day in your life but you also have to consider the needs of the people you send your wedding invites to. Your wedding should be planned in such a manner that every person who comes to it has a great time. How long your wedding takes from start to finish and what time it finally gets over are two things that will be very important to your guests.

You have to plan your wedding so that your guests do not feel inconvenienced in any manner. You cannot expect them to sit through an inordinately long ceremony. At the same time, you cannot have a wedding that gets over too soon, especially if it means that you will not be serving a meal. You stand to offend a lot of people this way, especially if they have had to travel long distances to be with you on your special day.

What should the groom wear on the wedding day?

August 19, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

There are certain wedding preparations that are the exclusive responsibility of the bride’s family, getting the wedding invitation cards organized and sent out, for instance. However, a bride who is really particular about how her wedding will look needs to take charge of many more arrangements. This generally includes the clothes that the groom wears on the wedding as well.

Weddings today are highly choreographed events that have many components, starting from the perfect wedding invitation cards to the best party favours to be given to all the guests who attend the event. It is therefore no surprise that the groom is also under a great deal of pressure to dress appropriately for the event. This is something that can be made very easy if he gets the right kind of help.

Real Diamond Vs Synthetic Diamond Wedding Rings

August 12, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

Your wedding day is fast approaching and you must have already sent out beautifully crafted wedding invites to all your friends and loved ones so that they can join you in celebrating this special day. Have you given much thought to the kind of ring that the both of you will exchange during the ceremony? Many people exchange plain wedding bands although there is a growing trend to use diamond rings these days. There is something very appealing about a beautiful diamond ring that many people cannot resist. Wearing a beautiful diamond ring puts you in a class apart from others.

There are two choices these days when it comes to the question of diamond rings. Increasing numbers of people are opting for synthetic diamond rings instead of real diamonds because of a variety of reasons. There are advantages to both types of diamonds, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that synthetic diamonds are becoming more popular for a great number of reasons that are very easy to understand.

Should I Invite My Boss To My Wedding?

August 04, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

The most exciting day of your life is finally approaching and you have a large number of wedding invites to send out. You will certainly have spent a lot of time thinking about whom to invite and who all you can safely leave out without ruffling too many feathers. This is unfortunately something that you simply have to do because you cannot be expected to invite every person you know. The question that you might need an answer for is whether you are obligated to invite your co-workers and specifically your boss to your wedding. This applies to you as well as to your future spouse. This is an important question and the answer varies from case to case and the only person who can decide this is you.

Making arrangements for your wedding is quite an expensive exercise because there are a great many things that you have to organize. The amount of money you spend on catering food and drinks for your guests is quite a substantial amount and varies according to the menu as well as the number of people you have invited. You definitely need to have a control on the number of people you send your wedding invites to. Apart from the cost of inviting people, your venue might have limitations regarding the number of people it can accommodate and you will just have to prune your wedding invites list to close friends and family.

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