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Dream Wedding – Top Ways to Bring Out the Best

November 03, 2011 0 Comments Wedding General by Administrator

You and your love have got engaged to be married and you now have the task of organizing your dream wedding so that your family and friends can be part of the festivities. The wedding and the days leading up to it are going to be the most important days of your lives and you have to make sure that everything is exactly as you always dreamed. There is a lot of planning to be done and serious decisions to be made since you have to decide on everything from the wedding invitations to the bonbonnieres but after all you will also be creating lasting memories. You therefore need to plan everything carefully so that everything gets done with the least amount of trouble.

You should start by envisioning your wedding. This will enable you to come up with the overall theme and look of the day with your overall expectations as a starting point. Every couple has an idea of what kind of wedding they want and the two of you should discuss your expectations with each other before you start planning. Make sure that you keep noting down the different points that crop up even if they sound farfetched. You can always modify or cut them out entirely once you review what you have written down.

Theme Wedding – The Latest Trend Setter

October 31, 2011 0 Comments Colour themes by Administrator

Are you looking for a way to make your wedding truly spectacular? People are increasingly looking for ways to make their weddings different from the usual ones and the best way to achieve this is by planning everything to a theme. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not really that difficult to do this and neither is it very expensive.  Of course, you can hire a professional agency to give you a spectacular theme if you have the budget but you too can use your creativity in order to come up with something of your own for a lower price. You should begin by picking a theme that suits your temperament, the location of the wedding or even the season. Another good idea is to base your wedding arrangements on any interests that you share with your spouse. For instance, you might have a shared interest in the Victorian period or a particular part of the world. This is a lovely way to celebrate the things you have in common and it will make your wedding unique in a way that nothing else can. Your family and friends will also be delighted when they receive your themed wedding invitations because they will realize that they are going to attend a very unusual and interesting wedding. If you have hired a very professional planner then you will be presented with a whole lot of themes. However, you could always select one by looking through wedding magazines. You can even use a traditional wedding as a starting point but add your own flair to it in order to make it unique. When you have decided on one, all the elements should conform to it starting with the wedding invitations and including your décor, bonbonnieres and also menu. For instance, it would be lovely if your bonbonnieres, flowers have the same or similar colors. You have to be prepared to do a lot of work in case you wish to have a trendsetting theme for your wedding. You need to hire the right suppliers who can work within budget as well as specific timelines. They too should have sufficient experience as well as flexibility to provide you with what you need, if not exceed your expectations. Your wedding invitations cards suppliers, for instance will be able to give you excellent ideas if you share elements of your theme with them. You will save a lot of time and effort this way and will also be very pleased with the results. A theme is almost mandatory if you are planning a destination wedding. You might need professional help for this because it is very difficult to make arrangements over long distance, especially for the details such as paperwork and permits. You will also find it almost impossible to organize the right bonbonnieres and décor from a distance. However, you can be sure that all the money and time you have put into the arrangements will be worth it because the results will be absolutely fabulous and your guests will be floored!

Top Tips to Help In Choosing the Best Photographer

October 30, 2011 0 Comments Wedding Photography by Administrator

Weddings are very joyous occasions but they also involve a great deal of work because there are many different things to be organized, each one as important as the other. Yes, you do have to select really attractive wedding invitations (and remember to send them out on time!) and organize every last detail of the décor including flowers, seating and even bonbonnieres. However, you need to select the best photographer available because this person will be able to create lasting images of your special day that you can see time and time again in the future. It is not at all easy to choose the best wedding photographer because there are many different things to be taken into account. For instance, the best photographer will not be able to do a good job at your wedding if this person’s forte is romantic images when your wedding has a very peppy and contemporary theme. Therefore, you should have a detailed discussion with your photographer before finalizing on that person. Take along copies of your wedding invitations as well as pictures of the kind of décor, flowers and bonbonnieres you will be using so that the photographer has a good idea about what your preferences are. You should also check the experience level of the person by looking through his or her portfolio. It would also be great if the person can offer you references because you simply cannot be too careful when it comes to your wedding photos. Many people also interact with prospective photographers before hiring them in order to check whether they get along well. If the person has an abrasive manner or an untidy appearance you wouldn’t want him or her mingling with your guests, would you? You should also select a person who has high quality equipment to take the photos or videos and who preferably arrives with assistance, proper lighting etc. You should also find out whether the person has enough backup equipment so that there are no problems on the wedding day. Obviously this will cost you more money and you should discuss this subject in great detail. If you are dealing with a wedding photography shop that offers low cost packages then you have to find out exactly which person will be sent to record your event. In fact, you should spend the time to meet the individuals in order to assess their capabilities. Many of them will be below par but you might also find one who is a very talented and can take excellent photos. If the person you select is hesitant to sign a contract then you should take this as a bad sign. Contracts are of the utmost importance because there is a lot of money involved and you need a service guarantee. Besides, you would have spent a lot of money and effort on all the details of your wedding from the wedding invitation and outfits to the décor and bonbonnieres that you can’t afford to have it all ruined for lack of good photographs.

Wedding Eve – How to Make It Special

October 27, 2011 0 Comments Wedding ettiquette by Administrator

Have you been working really hard in the months leading up to your wedding? There are so many different preparations that need to be done before a wedding, from finalizing your beautiful dress and getting wedding invitations out to small but important things like selecting bonbonnieres for your guests that it is very easy to get completely overwhelmed. You need to ensure that you are completely relaxed at least the night before your wedding so that you can turn up feeling totally refreshed and looking gorgeous. The best way to do this is by planning something special for your wedding eve. Wedding eve events and ceremonies are prevalent in most cultures because they mark the last night the bride spends under her parent’s roof as an unmarried girl. These days, lots of couples are already living together and the only way that they can make this happen is if an all-girls event is organized so that the bride can move out that night. You should first consider what cultural expectations there are of you when you sit down to plan activities for your wedding eve. You can follow them whole or in part, depending on your preference and convenience. One good idea is to have a wedding eve "slumber party" so that you and your female friends and family members can have a wonderful time together. A bottle of champagne will not be amiss on that night. In fact, you could organize the event at a nice resort or spa. Make sure that things don’t get too boisterous though, because you certainly don’t want to turn up at your wedding with dark circles under your eyes. You can make your wedding eve special by organizing pedicures, facials and manicures for everyone. You could also ensure that everyone is served a variety of delicious health foods and drinks instead of greasy and heavy meals so that you and your friends look and feel beautiful the next day. You can even have this event at home if you want to keep your budget down. Of course, you and your close friends might start the day making arrangements for the wedding because there are many things that have to be done right at the end, such as checking with the caterer and decorator and ensuring that the bonbonnieres and flowers arrive on time. You should also go through your wedding invitations list one last time to check against RSVPs. Once you have finished with the work you can all relax in comfortable surroundings and have a great time reminiscing. Your wedding eve will be really special if you present your close friends with a lovely memento in acknowledgement of the support they have given you over the years. After all, these are ladies who have probably helped address and mail your wedding invitations and have also helped you sift through lots of options for bonbonnieres, flowers and the like. A lovely slumber party on the night before your wedding is a great way to thank them for all their help.

Wedding Planner - To Help In Complete Preparation

October 25, 2011 0 Comments Wedding General by Administrator

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the work you have to do in preparation for your wedding? This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of your life but the pressure of organizing things can really spoil things for you. You’ll have to organize wedding invitations, flowers, food, music and even bonbonnieres in order to make sure that your wedding day is really impressive. One way that you get all the arrangements done perfectly without having to stress too much about it is to get a wedding planner to do the job. A wedding planner is a very good resource to have if you simply do not have the time or the patience to do all the arrangements for your big day. Just one thing, wedding invitations for example, can take up a huge amount of time and will cause problems if not done well. There are many things that have to be organized at the right time, and it takes an expert to do it correctly. Being a professional, a planner will be able to look into all details, both large and small, and make sure that things go off smoothly. Of course, there will be a charge involved with these services. It varies from being a percentage of the total cost or a flat fee. You will require a wedding planner’s services if yours is a destination wedding and especially if the wedding is in a different country. There might be many rules in that place that you are not aware of. You might also need to get paperwork done before the wedding in addition to travel arrangements. Besides, you will find it very tough to make arrangements there. For instance, you might find it cheaper to source bonbonnieres, flowers etc. locally than carry them with you. If you hire a professional to do the job then you have a better chance of getting the best arrangements at attractive prices. It is best if the planner gets contracts with the various vendors so that price and service standards can be fixed. The way that you can get the best work out of your wedding planner is to have open lines of communication between the two of you. You have to be very clear with your requirements and should communicate them clearly to the planner. You should also state your budget very clearly and should get into all the details of what is being arranged. You should also ask your planner to create a checklist so that both of you can go over it together. You will be in a great frame of mind if you get help from a wedding planner because you can be sure that nothing will be missed out. You can be sure that your wedding invitations will be sent out on time and your décor, music, bonbonnieres etc. will be just perfect. In fact, all you will have to do is focus on looking gorgeous so that you can enjoy all the attention you get on your special day.

Selecting the Best Flowers for Your Wedding

October 23, 2011 0 Comments Wedding flowers by Administrator

There are so many things that have to be done in time for your wedding, getting the wedding invites and bonbonnieres done for instance, that it becomes very easy to keep track of all the important things. You have to pay a lot of attention to the subject of selecting the best flowers for your wedding and should not leave it for later on because this might lead to many oversights. You’ll need to figure out what type of flowers you need as well as how many you will require in order to make the venue look absolutely stunning.

One of the first things you need to do is select the theme for your wedding. In fact, this is very important because you will be able to create a very good impression if your wedding invites, décor, bonbonnieres and flowers all have the same theme. The theme you select can be determined by the destination of the wedding as well as the season. If your wedding is in summer then you could go for a very showy romantic theme with lots of bright blooms. Roses, tulips and lilies are lovely flowers but you should feel free to select anything that suits you best.

Wedding Invitation Wording – How to Invite Your Guests to Your Wedding

October 14, 2011 0 Comments Wedding Invitation Ideas by Administrator

Planning a wedding is a very complicated task because there are so many elements and details that you have to look into. One of the most important things that you have to do is get your wedding invitations done correctly because these cards have a very important role to play.

The wedding invitations to a wedding have to convey a lot of information in a very concise and classy manner. Many people are completely at sea when it comes to getting these cards made because of the formality and the traditions involved. Luckily, there are very clear cut guidelines about wording your wedding invitations correctly so that you can just follow them. This way you can also ensure that you do not offend any person inadvertently, especially older people in your family who are great sticklers for tradition.

What colour wedding invite is hot this season

October 12, 2011 0 Comments Colour themes by Administrator

At Invitation Chateau, just to give you a feel of the colours that have been top our bride and groom's wedding invitation colour preference list, PURPLE wedding invitations have been making huge impact.

Brides often like to match their wedding invitation colour scheme with their bridesmaids dresses. Luckily for upcoming bride and grooms, we at Invitation Chateau can completely customise your wedding invite from personalise wedding invitation details (yes you provide us with your own personalise invitation wording), font and even design. Most importantly, we can also customise your wedding invitation to match your wedding colour scheme - whether it is your shoe colour, venue decor colour, floral bouquet colour.... with bridesmaids dresses colours being the most popular request.

Wedding Invitation Tradition

October 12, 2011 0 Comments Wedding Invitation Ideas by Administrator

Are you a person who has a lot of respect for tradition and wants to ensure that everything is done just right for your wedding? Weddings are, after all, all about tradition and family. Following tradition will ensure that everything runs smoothly because this is the tried and tested way. There are certain rules when it comes to making and sending out your wedding invitation cards. You do not need to feel constrained to follow them because this is an individual choice but you will see that the traditional method is very easy to implement.

You can get your wedding invitations made of any type of paper but the most traditional type is engraved on heavy ecru paper with a tissue layover. In addition, the wedding invitation should also include a response (RSVP) card and a reception card. All these cards should be placed in an inner envelope which then is put in an outer envelope. This is the traditional format but you can add direction cards and maps if they are necessary.

Top Ideas to Personalize your Wedding

October 11, 2011 0 Comments Wedding Planning Tips! by Administrator

How far have you come with the arrangements for your upcoming wedding? If you haven’t done anything to personalize it then you should go back to the drawing board. Personalizing a lot of things will ensure that guests know that you have worked really hard to make them feel special. It will also make your wedding a truly unforgettable one because of its uniqueness. You’ll be surprised to learn that it is not too difficult to personalize things for your big day. However, you do need to put a lot of thought to the process. A few great ideas are:

-          Handwritten notes inside your wedding invitations so that your guests know that you have actually gone through the invites instead of getting someone else to do them.

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