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90s Style Wedding

January 10, 2012 0 Comments Wedding General by Administrator

Are you currently in the process of planning your forthcoming wedding? You’ll need to make a lot of plans in order to ensure that it an event that all your friends and family members remember for a very long time. This involves a great deal of work including ordering wedding invitations and stationery as well as selecting the right décor, menu and bonbonnieres. One way that you could ensure that your wedding is completely unique is by giving it a theme.

Needless to say, the theme you select for your big day should be one that is easy to manage. It should also be an easy one that other people will relate to. The last thing you want is to bore your guests or to confuse them by planning a theme that only you and a few others might appreciate. If you want to play safe with your theme then a 90s style wedding is the best option because it didn’t happen too long ago and most people have pleasant associations with any cultural references to that decade.

You’ll be glad to know that the 90s didn’t really have any type of signature style, unlike the decades that preceded it. However, there are many iconic shows and films that belong to this period. You will get ample opportunity to borrow inspiration from this period which gave us Friends, Seinfeld, the Spice Girls and Titanic. In fact, the music from this period is really great to dance to. Tunes like “Ooh Ahh... Just a Little Bit" by Gina G and “I Love You Always Forever" by Donna Lewis are really great to dance to and so are most of Britney Spears’ numbers. If you want to dance to romantic numbers you can choose from Celine Dion’s or Mariah Carey’s albums. You could buy compilations of dance music from this decade to give your guests as bonbonnieres.

The perfect wedding dress for your 90’s themed wedding will have a full skirt and puffy sleeves. It will also have a very long train. This type of dress was in vogue in the early 90s because Princess Diana had set the trend in the 80s and many ladies continued to copy her for a very long time after that. Even the dresses for the bridesmaids would have to have large puffed sleeves to complete the theme. If your dress uses a lot of lace you could incorporate the design of the lace on your wedding invitations to give them a really lovely look.

You’ll have a great deal of fun if you select a 90s theme for your wedding, and your guests will have a great time as well. Make sure that you plan everything well right from the wedding invitations to the bonbonnieres so that nothing gets left to chance. If you make your arrangements well in advance you will be able to stay relaxed and stress free in the weeks leading up to your big day. Your wedding will surely be remembered for a long time to come!


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