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Wedding Ideas

Wedding Invitation Ideas


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    Set out below are a great selection of popular poems, quotes and invitation introductions which are perfect to complement your invitation details.

    • Use them as an introduction to your invitation.
    • Capture emotions, memories and expectations of the future in eloquent and meaningful phrases through them.
    • Saves you from having to come up with the wording yourself!
    • Transport guests down memory lane, or offer younger ones a taste of what's to come.

  • Wishing Well Wording   ( 8 Articles )


    A Wedding Wishing Well can be stylishly set up at the wedding reception for guests to provide cash, cheques or vouchers in an envelope.  A Wedding Wishing Well Card is often inserted as part of wedding invitations to guests, being a fun way to collect gifts and an accepted way of offering guests a cash wedding gift option. A Wedding Wishing Well is a practical alternative to a bridal registry or receiving random gifts as it provides:

    • the bridal couple with flexibility to use the gift;
    • guests with an easy and effective option; and
    • contributes to paying off the cost of the wedding.


    References to "presents" in wedding invitations is never acceptable. A Wedding Wishing Well card is a discreet way of informing guests of gift preference, similar to a bridal registry.


    Below are some popular Wishing Well poems to assist you in your wedding invitation preparations. You can also click on our realistic Wishing Well card electronic mock ups pictured on the right hand side for further Wishing Well ideas!


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