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Thank you wording
  • So the big day is over, and you're opening all your wonderful wedding presents... Don't forget to show your appreciation to your friends and family for the time and effort they spent in getting that special present for you! Send them a hand-written thank you card to tell them how much you like their gift (even if you didn't), how useful it will be and also just to say thanks for sharing your special wedding day with you.

    Wedding Chateau can make elegant Thank You cards printed with your chosen standard wording, left blank for you to lovingly hand write your heartfelt message or a combination of the two! Your Thank You cards can be made to perfectly match your wedding invitation design and theme so as to ensure your Special Day stays in the happiest of memories of your guests forever.

    Below are also some examples of how to word a Thank You card to get you started.

    Wording for a useful gift

    Dear Aunty Betts,

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous toaster you gave us. It matches our stainless steel kitchen perfectly! And now we don't have to fight over who gets to make toast first because this one makes 4 at a time. You are so thoughtful!

    It was great seeing you on our wedding day. Thanks again for making the long trip over!


    Wording for a cash gift

    Dear Lachlan,

    We are both so thankful for your very generous cash gift. It was the perfect gift because we already have everything we need for our house. We will use the gift for our honeymoon in Las Vegas. I can't wait to see all the live shows there!


    Can't remember what they gave?

    Dear Imogen & Justin,

    We just wanted to say a BIG thank you for sharing in our special wedding day. It meant a lot to us to have such good friends like the both of you there to help us celebrate our special day. And thank you so much for your generous gift.

    Best wishes,